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Green Snail Spring 'Bi Luo Chun' Tea

Green Snail Spring 'Bi Luo Chun' Tea

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Harvested early in spring, each leaf is hand rolled, so tight, this small twist of this green tea leaf is reminiscent of a cute tiny snail.  

The most delicate of all green teas, its delicate peach-like fragrance transforms your previous understanding of a green teas. Aromatics of fresh, non-astringent apricot notes delights your senses.

Origin: Suchou, Jiangsu Province China

Green Snail Spring 'Bi Luo Chun': 4oz: $48.00 | 8oz: $80.00

China Live Tea Mug & China Live Tea Pot

China Live features proprietary Private Label teas are inspired by the Ten Famous Teas of China. Chef George Chen has climbed high tea mountains to source the most sustainably grown and produced teas directly from Taiwan and China farmers.  These teas are far better quality and value as we source these fine teas directly without brokers.



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