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China Live House XO Sauce with Cognac

China Live House XO Sauce with Cognac

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The best XO Sauce in the market that is intensely packed with umami. Chef George Chen showcases this savory condiment of chilies, dried seafood and cured ham that originated in Hong Kong.

China Live's XO flavor, umami, texture and heat is so versatile that can be used as an ingredient in a dish or as a condiment. Garnish your stir-fry or add it to your comfort food choice of congee.

As a surprise to delight us all, Chef George Chen and his mixologist added cognac for a final touch creating a more complex profile using moderate heat from “facing heaven” chili peppers. This XO is ocean kissed with a balanced salinity from the delicious morsels of seafood in every bite.

Enjoy our House XO Sauce with Cognac (6 oz) at home!

Ingredients: Rice bran oil, Chinese ham, shallots, garlic, dried shrimp, dried scallop, fried garlic, salted cod, facing heaven chili pepper, paprika, cognac

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