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Chef Chens' Famous Chili Crisp

Chef Chens' Famous Chili Crisp

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Enjoy Chef Chen's Chili Crisp (6oz) at home!  

All of our ingredients are wok fired, including fresh garlic and shallots fried to perfection to encapsulate the beautiful aromatics. Weekly produced in small batches in SF, we are excited to share our award winning Chili Crisp with you. 

Elevate your snacks, meal, and even desserts! Chef Chen's Chili Crisp is wonderful on your avocado toast, eggs, and versatile texture flows well in your pasta sauce or as a nice topping on your favorite gelato! 


What does it take to be a Good Food Awards Finalist? Every year, the Good Food Foundation conducts a blind tasting of nearly 2,000 entries from around the country to find the most delicious and unique products across 18 categories. Top scoring entries are vetted using their sustainability and responsibility criteria, so you can rest assured that these China Live Products are not only tasty, but are also making a positive impact on our planet and our communities.

Ingredients: Rice bran oil, dried chili flakes, broad bean paste, garlic, shallots, fermented soybeans, sugar, black beans, Shaoxing rice wine, cayenne pepper, paprika

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