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Andrea Nguyen

Bao Family Cook Book

Bao Family Cook Book

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Recipes from the eight culinary regions of China. Through over 80 classic yet accessible and playful recipes, Celine Chung and her team push back against the stereotypes surrounding  Chinese Cooking and pay tribute to its diversity and regionality. expect and explosion of flavor with recipes for scallion pancakes, chili chicken salad, Chinese spring rolls, hot and sour soup, sweet and sour fish, cumin beef, Cantonese fried rice, and of course bao buns- that perfectly fluffy finger food that feeds a crowd and can be tailored with delicious sweet and savory fillings.

Bao Family  Cookbook is a bold celebration of Chinese food today, spanning meals all through the day. the key recipes all feature handy step-by step instructions and every dish is imbued with the love that Celine and her family have for their homeland of Wenzhou, form their home in Paris.

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