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Ching-He Huang

Asian Green

Asian Green

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Asia has always had an abundance of delicious recipes that are traditionally meat and dairy free. Here, Ching-He Huang draws inspiration from across the continent to create simple ,healthy home cooking that everyone can enjoy.

From Nourishing Soups to Fast & Furious and Warm & Comforting, each chapter features fresh and vibrant plant- based dishes that are both nutritious and packed with flavour, including Wok- fried Orange-Soy Sticky Sprouts & Wild Rice Salad, Peking Mushroom Pancakes, Smoked Tofu & Broccoli Korean- style Ram- don, and Chinese Black Bean Seitan Tacos. Ching also shows you how to make your own tofu and seitan as well as sharing expert tips and tricks for successful wok cooking.

Ching He Huang is an Emmy- nominated, award- winning TV chef and cookery book author, who has been championing, popularising and demystifying Chinese cuisine 2003. She has fronted eleven TV shows, written nine cookery books and is published in several languages around the world. Ching has always believed in the age-old Chinese maxim that 'food is medicine' and wants everyone to enjoy the power of plants to heal, restore, nourish and replenish.


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