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50Hertz Green Peppercorn

50Hertz Green Peppercorn

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"Our single-origin product uses the most premium variety which has the highest flavor content amongst all (notice the plump oil bumps on the shell). It is hand-picked by farmers in Chongqing, our founder's hometown. With its bright color, floral aroma, potent taste, and lack of black seeds, it is the crème de la crème of the latest harvest.

Flavor notes: Citrus (lime zest), fresh flowers, bright

Usage: When cooking, crush with a pestle, then lightly fry in oil or butter, and add to stir-fry, soup, stew, or baking recipes. When serving, grind directly on to foods as with black peppercorns. The green goes particularly well with fish, seafood and anything citrusy. 

Storage: Keep our products in cool and dry places, avoid direct light. Refrigeration is encouraged to prolong potent taste and aroma."

1.5 ounces

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