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JIA Steamer

JIA Steamer

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The JIA Steamer Set is more than just a steamer - It is a multipurpose cooking vessel which can also be used as a regular casserole.
Designers have interpreted the classic steamer pot and bamboo basket, giving it an elegant design combined with a functional twist which gives the steamer set not only a functional piece but also a renewed relevance in the modern kitchen.
The steamer replaces the traditional bamboo base with terracotta. This natural material has efficient liquid absorbing characteristics, meaning it can absorb any excess moisture generated during steaming, ensuring that the food is perfectly moist. The steamer pot and lid are made from fireproof ceramic, which has excellent heat resistance compared to regular stoneware, making it less likely to crack at higher temperatures. The steamer pot can be used on open flame gas stoves and in both conventional and microwave ovens.

  • Materials: Fireproof ceramic, Cedarwood, Terra cotta
  • Diameter: 9.25'' H x 6.14'' x 7.09'' L / 4.62 lb 
  • The accompanying cedar wood steamer basket differs from others in that it has a perforated terracotta base and cedar wood wall
  • Every JIA steamer is unique as each one is individually hand made by skilled craftsmen using a variety of natural materials
  • The Winner of multiple International Design Awards
  • Handwash


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