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50 Hertz

50 Hertz Sichuan Pepper Oil

50 Hertz Sichuan Pepper Oil

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"Many people are unaware that Sichuan pepper comes in two varieties - Red and Green. They are not in different stages of maturity but two plants with distinct flavors (think of red wine grapes and white wine grapes). Both are native to Sichuan, and while the red ones have been used in cooking for thousands of years, the green variety is more boutique and has only become popular in China in the past 20 years."

Green Sichuan Pepper Oil: Aroma of Lemon zest, Fresh Flowers. Mild numbing. Suggested pairings of fish, seafood, vegetables, and pasta.

Red Sichuan Pepper Oil: Aroma of Orange zest, Dried Flowers. Very numbing. Suggested pairing of meat, tofu, pizza, and fried rice.

The set of two is perfect for someone looking to learn the difference between the two varieties.

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