About Us

China Live's mission is to bring the best of class in pantry and non-pantry products to the American market.  Generally, these unique items have not been seen nor sold here.  We have searched for nearly 4 years for the best in class of ingredient driven, humanly and sustainably produced artisanal products that have a Chinese/Asian aesthetic throughout greater Asia.  We also seek out specially curated products from local area artisans.

Our journey started with a simple love of fun, adventure and thirst to find only the very best.  We found hope, passion and people who touched and changed our lives forever.  To the artist we met with a swirl of a brush, painted the perfect stroke that captured a lifetime of contemplation.  To the farmer in a remote small region, painstakingly handcrafting one product with only the most pristine locally grown ingredients and committed to reviving centuries of old sustainable farming methods and techniques.  

Xie Xie!

Contact Us: 644 Broadway, SF CA 94133 | info@chinalivesf.com. | 415.788.8188